A place for code review?

I don’t know if this is the right area, or if I should post to “community”. I was wondering if there’s a “code review” place for Go anywhere? I’m not taking about help debugging an error, but if you have a piece of working code you could post it and have people comment on it. It could be style, security, etc; sort of an online group that gives general thoughts.

I figured it maybe helpful to new code writers for two reasons: first they could look at other people’s code and learn, two it can help them write snippets of code more securely.

Many times I have concept questions, my code works, but am I doing it properly? I don’t want to flood the “Getting Help” section with a bunch of methods and functions for review.


I personally love this idea, as it is something I have been thinking about as well. Maybe we should have a new category to the forum dedicated to this?


Sounds like a good idea! I’ll create the category now.


Awesome, thank you very much!



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