A new Go package that makes life with OpenGL enjoyable!

Hi everyone,

for the past few months I’ve been working on a game development library called Pixel (which you can find on my github), which is not ready to be announced yet. However, I’ve decided to extract one part of it into a separate package. (I’ve already done a similar extraction with https://github.com/faiface/mainthread).

I called the package GLHF which stands for openGL Have Fun.

The main features are quite attractive in my opinion. :wink:

Main features

  • Garbage collected OpenGL objects
  • Dynamically sized vertex slices (vertex arrays are boring)
  • Textures, Shaders, Frames (reasonably managed framebuffers)
  • Always possible to use standard OpenGL with glhf

You can find more in the README.


First of all, I encourage everyone to contribute! If you find a bug (and I’m sure there are at least a few bugs), please report it through an issue. If you want a new feature, do an issue too! If you feel like implementing something, do a pull request!

And don’t get confused by the number of commits in the repo. Majority of the development since now has been done in a different repo.


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