A Google AppEngine SDK Wrapper

From an internal team using Go at Google:

Features: gae currently provides interfaces for:

  • Datastore
  • Memcache
  • TaskQueue
  • Info (e.g. Namespace, AppID, etc.)

Additional features include:

  • true service interfaces (not package-level functions)
  • methods don’t need explicit context passed to them, increasing readability.
  • service filters allow for composition of functionality. For example:
    • transparent memcaching of datastore access
    • transparent transaction buffering
    • statistics-gathering shims
    • deterministic and probabalistic API failure simulation
    • transparent retries
  • truly parallel in-memory testing implementation. No more need for
    dev_appserver.py subprocesses :).
  • Separate service and user-facing interfaces
    • Allows easier filter and service implementation while retaining the
      benefits of a user-friendly interface.

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