A framework for offline file processing and reporting

Before I start trying to build my own framework to do this, I thought I’d ask something already exists.

I’m building a web app which allows users to upload files, there is then a backend system that processes the file offline and generates some results. The processing can take from seconds to hours, so I want the user to be able to go away and come back later.

Users don’t have to have an account to upload files, so I can’t just flag completed jobs in their account.

I want to be able to give users a URL or token that they can use to check the progress, ideally talking to the backend to ask it where it thinks it is (percentage, time remaining etc).

I also want to optionally be able to take an email address with the upload and mail them when the processing is complete.

Does this, or at least part of it, exist already?

This sounds like an application, not a framework.

OK, does an application to do this exist?

@digininja How about this? https://github.com/gocraft/work

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That seems massive, complicated to learn and probably overkill. But also looks like it would be fun to get my head around and give plenty of space to scale up in the future so I like it.

Having a quick look, they are in the process of moving to version 2 and dropping support for version 1, so I’ll probably try V2 instead. I just hope the documentation for V1 still applies to V2 and there is backward compatibility as I don’t fancy trying to work out how to implement it without good docs.

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