A confusion about gomobile from a newbie of go mobile developoer

I have builded the basic.apk and installed it into my Mi phone.
In the process, I had encountered the NDK22 version issue, and after I downgraded its version, issue is resolved.
It works very well now. And I have a question, gomobile which seems not able to call native Android api or consume sources like camera, Android sys objects as sending\receiving messages, reading contacts info and closing certain Application which is running in Android. Could you share your comments on my confusion?
How can I use gomobile to consume Android native objects as messages, contacts, camera, Android sys resources?

As an Android developer myself I would recommend to use the Android environment itself for using such Apis (I mean kotlin, android jetpack…). Or else if you don’t want to work with such a slow environment and want to develop and ship fast, the better approach is to use either flutter or react native (even tho I’m not a fan of the last). Remember that Go is awesome for some stuff, but there are more awesome technologies for just mobile development itself.

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