32 bit is a no go? [SOLVED]

So, for the past 3 weeks I have tried to download Go for my 32 bit HP EliteBook. But, I have had a little issue. Nothing seems to support 32 bit?

Each time I try to use the installer it throws a error ofc: “Installation package dosn’t have support of the processortype” (I tried to translate that the best I could). I have a 32 bit CPU and the installer is 64 bit so that wasn’t a suprise.

I have also tried the zip but when I open cmd and change the directory to go and do the command “go” it dosn’t reccognize the command…

Is there anyway to install Go on 32 bit?

Hope my English was good enough to understand. :slight_smile:

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Which installer for which OS do you use? Note that the featured downloads on https://golang.org/dl/ are for 64 bit.

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Im tried to use go1.9.2.windows-amd64.msi and the go1.9.2.windows-386.zip

All im wondering is: Can I use Go for my computer?

Windows 7 Enterprise
Intel Core i5-5300U CPU @ 2.30GHz
4,00 GB RAM
32 bit operatingsystem

This, or its msi variant should be sufficient.

Why? The CPU should be 64 bit as I understand the specs;

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Thanks @NobbZ for the help! It was the go1.9.2.windows-386.msi that worked!
Thought I tested that but dosn’t seem like it :roll_eyes:
Thanks alot :+1:

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