x/mobile: [Query] Launch a android application with given package name [String] in go

Hello All,

Following is the function written in go:

func LaunchApplication(packageName string) {
 Query :
 how can I execute application with given packageName


Generated the java binding [.aar] using gomobile .
I want to include .aar generated in my android application and call LaunchApplication(“com.package.name”) from java layer to native go layer and go layer should run the application.

In java application , following is the way to run apk using package name:
Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("am start -n com.package.name/com.package.name.ActivityName");

I tried the same in go using:
os.exec() function but it is giving error that “am not found in the $PATH”

Is there is any way to do that ?

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Can you use an absolute path to am from Go?

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