Wrong time output

The following code

package main

import (

const LATITUDE = float64(51.1387)
const LONGITUDE = float64(7.2997)

func main() {
        t := astrotime.NextSunrise(time.Now(), LATITUDE, LONGITUDE)

        tzname, _ := t.Zone()
        fmt.Printf("The next sunrise at Huckeswagen is %d:%02d %s on %d/%d/%d.\n", t.Hour(), t.Minute(), tzname, t.Month(), t.Day(), t.Year())

displays the incorrect time. The time is displayed too late by one hour.

For example: Output: 7:57 CEST, correctly would 6:57 CEST.

Whats wrong?

To me it looks as if the astrotime calculations do not take DST into account. 6:57 CEST would be 7:57 CET. A one-hour error like this is typical for DST problems.

I did a quick search in the github repository of astrotime and did not find any occurrence of “dst”, “daylight”, or “summer”. I did not look into the code or documentation of the original C++ code that astrotime was ported from.

So my guess is that astrotime simply ignores DST.

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