Win11 21H2 版本下使用 go 1.17 运行 go test -v 多次之后 go 进程卡住

并且出现很多 go.exe 进程且无法杀死

I do not understand Chinese, but it is my understanding that you are unable to kill go.exe processes. Can you copy the output of the tskill command and paste it into your post? Maybe I can copy the text and paste it into Google Translate so that I can understand the error message.

原因:没有此任务的实例在运行 =》Reason: no instance of this task is running
错误:无法中止 PID 33888(属于 PID 33836 子进程)的进程 =》Error: Unable to terminate the process of PID 33888 (belonging to the child process of PID 33836)
找不到进程 33836 =》 Cannot find process 33836

The error message is probably these,thanks

At first, my version of go was 1.16, and later I upgraded to 1.17. This problem occurred. After a period of observation, the cause was not go test, but vscode calling gofmt, gopls, etc. At present, I put all files in the gopath path Empty, no longer appear after re-get

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