Where do I start with gin?

Now this might not sound very smart and it might not be a good question but I am a beginner at go, I got the basics down and I want to build something bigger.
I found these two great things called Gin and Melody which would suit me nice for a project I want to make.
The thing I am not sure about is the structure of the project, so far I’ve been writing fairly simple stuff where I create a main.go and maybe a package, now what I want to know is how would I for example structure a chat application?
I work with php at the moment an I simply use classes for my web project, but go seems to be different and I feel like I how can I even write code if I dont know what goes where. Do I use the typical mvc structure for my project? maybe you could link me to some fairly simple projects that I could use for help when it comes to making my own?

Check this example out, it’s an interesting example of how you can do something fairly quickly without much in the way of a framework: https://scotch.io/bar-talk/build-a-realtime-chat-server-with-go-and-websockets

It does use gorilla’s websockets but thats not exactly the same as a full fledged framework. I would also say that it depends on the framework that you choose to go with as to what your project structure will look like. You have a ton of choices and the only right answer is to pick one and build something, you’ll learn a lot in the process. Not the least of which being what a potential framework is actually making easier for you or maybe harder lol.

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