What is wrong with this? 3


You have a dot where non belongs.

Have you actually looked at the line pointed out and tried to find what is not looking “correct” to you?

Also could you please put a bit more of effort into your questions?

Repeating the same title over and over again, just increasing a counter, while just putting a link to the playground in the body is not how one should ask a question.

A much better way to ask here where the subject “Invalid type assertion, how to fix”

with this body:

In the playground [link] I get the error message shown in the subject, but I can not make any sense of it or see how to fix it. Googling this error message only shows me some interface magic I do not understand and other things which do not apply here, as I just try to call a function.

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Thanks! That worked!
I did look at that line, but I did not understand it >
I don’t know how to put more effort into my questions. Should I copy and paste your suggestion?

Just tell us what the problem is and what you have tried to solve it on your own. Also tell us what you had expected instead of what you got…

Cherolyn, please try to make a title for your questions that reflects the problem so that if other people have the same problem, they can search the forum and find your question and the answers. That will save us from having the same question asked many times.

One thing you can do is that if you are getting an error message, include part or all of the error message in the title. As Norbert said, “invalid type assertion” would be perfect for this topic.

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Ok, I’ll try that

Ok I saved both of these answers. Thanks to both of you

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