What IDE you guys use?

(Jorge Miguel Pinto) #61

@flexd Well, it is the editor I use every day.

The main idea is that text is clickable.

A row toolbar is composed of a textarea, and you can have editor or shell commands written there and just click on them to have the output shown.

The idea runs a bit away from your usual editor full of buttons/menus and endless shortcuts.

It is really simple, yet powerful. Clicking on go identifiers will take you to the definition.

There is still room for improvement in code completion, and a debugging feature is in the works.

Let me know what you think about it if you get the change to try it, even if you can’t bear it.

(Tanmay Shirsath) #62

Jetbrains Webstorm is probably the best of all. Atom is also gr8

(Nikhil Agrawal) #63

Jetbrains and Vs code

(Norbert Melzer) #64

SLowly moving everything from vscode back to emacs. It is jsut so much easier to maintain a centralised configuration which adapts itself to the current machine when having a proper language for configuration instead of just (nested) key-value pairs (which JSON basically is).

(Boban Acimovic) #65

vscode as well

(Chris Brewer) #66

Ditto :metal:

(Diego Santos) #67

I wear Visual code Good much!!


(Johan Eklundh) #68

I have made the switch to emacs. Bit fiddly since I’m new to emacs but seems competent enough of what I have seen.

(MingRu Lee) #69

visual studio code

(Dhavalkumar Prajapati) #70

i wrote code in Gedit and and run it on a Terminal.

(David) #71

I use Sublime Text (unregistered :sunglasses: ) with the GoSublime plugin (which took me a very long time to get to work - if you need help PM me).

(Alex) #72

Atom really is a nice environment to be working in.

(Pradeep Kumar) #73

Can you please tell me how to debug go code in atom.

(Sunny Karira) #74

VS Code with goplugin

(Hardeen L) #75

vscode same here

(Denis) #76

I use Gogland (IDE from IntelliJ) and VSCode with Go plugins. If you don’t wanna pay, then VSCode is the way to Go, Atom too, perhaps but for me Atom was very slow and problematic.

(Erwan Roussel) #77

Vs Code 4ever :sweat_smile:

(system) #78

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