What editor plugins are you using for Go?

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What editor (and what plugin) are you using for Go?

Vim with vim-go is really good and I used it for a long time, but I switched to Atom yesterday (temporary, I think) with go-plus. I love the extra functionality of those plugins (especially the inline coverage of go-plus), but it’s hard to get them to work with various dependency managers.

I’ve found a workaround to make gb, Godeps, and almost every dependency manager work with Atom, but I have no idea how to achieve that same goal with Vim (or other editors for that matter).

So what are you using? A package in your Editor (and if yes, which)? Or do you play the Editor + Terminal game?

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I use vim + vim-go and going to stay with it. I started with Sublime + Go-Sublime but Sublime Text was getting slower everyday. So I learned basic VIM to use vim-go and it has been 3 months on that setup and I love it. I like to use editor for code changes and then terminal for running commands. So yeah, Editor + Terminal game for me :smile:

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Sadly born with age of Visual Studio and now am using Sublime Text, but do a little editing on server with VIM.

Tried Atom and its UI is really awesome but not as fast as Sublime Text.


Atom is really slow, but it has its upsides (for me).
I use it in vim mode, so I have all the good parts of Vim with all the good parts of Atom.

I started with vim but overtime it became a mess, tried sublime but I try to keep away from closed source.
For the moment I tend to live in liteide (I hope it doesn’t become abandonware) with the occasional use of atom.

Terminal vim w/ vim-go. Commented/annotated .vimrc is here: https://github.com/elithrar/dotfiles/blob/master/vimrc

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Emacs with flycheck and Magit.



Ditto what Unknwon said - came from Visual Studio, using sublime now, with godef and the new golang_build package. Works great. I tried vim, but just couldn’t get past the the wonkiness of having to warn vim that I’m about to paste some text.

I’m using vim + vimgo, aswell as Sublime 3 and GoSublime from time to time

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Go plugin for IntelliJ w/ free IntelliJ Community Edition. Works great for me.

I also came from Visual Studio (C#), IntelliJ is the closest thing in Go world I am aware of.


I use the Go plugin for IntelliJ every day and love it! It has recently integrated the Delve package so now supports interactive debugging - though Windows is not supported yet.


vim in a terminal with vim-go. I use tmux and have some vim plugins that make navigating between vim splits and tmux panes seamless, I really like it.

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Atom + Go-plus… I was using Sublime but love the added features that Atom provides.

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Emacs with go-mode, company-go, go-eldoc, and flycheck.

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You prefer company to auto-complete? Can you say more why? I’m an old
time auto-complete user and I’ve been considering switching to company-mode.

Atom with go-plus in Vim mode. Best of both worlds imo.


I don’t think Windows support will happen until Delve itself gets it, which seems a bit far away yet. I’m hopeful, based solely on this pull request.

What are those plugins and what do they do exactly?

I have used vim for many years and really love it with the go-vim plugins but recently I have been experimenting with spacemacs. It’s a set of scripts that customize emacs and include evil mode to make it modal and respond like vi. The vi emulation is about as good as it gets, I don’t have to think about most things. It was a little bit of a learning curve to get used to some of the shortcuts ( it remaps all the C-xC-xA-x stuff to easier leader codes with pop-ups prompting you with the next options) but I think I am sold. Things just seem a little more optimized. Spacemacs is driven by making it simple to discover things so the help and suggestions code is really strong.

I am using Intellij Idea with Golang plugin.