Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-11-22

I would have written a shorter weekly wrapup, but I didn’t have the time,

New packages added this week:

  • Looking for a library to help manage a pool of goroutines for job dispatching? We now have a section concurrency and goroutines with several promising options: grpool, pool, tunny.
  • One of the many advantages of Go is the ability to deploy a statically linked binary. This is even better when your non-source assets (images, html, css) can also be embedded into that binary. So we now have a section on resource embedding with a set of tools to help - go-bindata, go-resources, go.rice, and statics.
  • Looking to render some realtime output to the terminal? Check out uilive.
  • As much as I love Postgres, it can be tricky to implement high-availablity features. yoke is here to help.
  • Need something like the Go runtime’s netpoll capability for filesystems? Take a look at poller.
  • Etsy was kind enough to open source their statsd library a couple of years ago, which is reason enough to build a replacement in Go, which is what the team at Acquia did with statsgod.
  • Trying very hard not to make a pun about the evolving ecoystem of Go open source projects. So evo.
  • Although released early in 2015, we’d somehow omitted the go-micro microservice framework.
  • Related to the resource embedding libraries mentioned above, there is also vfsgen which allows you to capture the contents of a directory of HTTP assets and make them avaialable as an http.Filesystem.

Companies now using Go:

  • An exchange market for securities, XTX Markets, based in London.
  • Phone full to the brim with pics of your pet iguana? Mine neither. But if you can always make Room for More.
  • Image optimization as a service - Imagefly
  • I have to admit that the name had me worried a bit. Turns out, Tokopedia is a general retail e-commerce site in Indonesia.
  • Not sure why Pivotal hadn’t been listed before. Now fixed.
  • Maintainers of the aforementioned statsgod, Acquia appears to be dipping their toes in the world outside Drupal and PHP.
  • Builder of high-density gigabit ethernet hardware, Arista Networks.
  • Brand loyalty platform provider, and holder of what must be a very valuable domain name - Points.com.
  • Quick, what is the emoji for a maple leaf? I don’t know either. But Pressly is making it easier for teams to share digital design assets.

New Articles:


Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • Owen Tran
  • Carlisia Campos
  • Amos Wenger
  • Ahmed Ali
  • Yuchen Ying
  • Glyn Normington
  • Dean Karn
  • Supreet Sethi
  • Joe Shaw
  • Mike Williamson
  • BeeAdmin

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