Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-11-07

New packages added this week:

  • Another impressive contribution by gernest for anyone who ever wanted to be their own OAuth Provider. Given the scars I earn each time I bump into OAuth, I’m hoping this takes the edge off.
  • Not a new project, but handy when you need to access Google Drive from the command line.

Companies now using Go:

New Articles:

  • A nice introduction to Golang Escape Analysis, because the best garbage collection strategy is no heap allocation.
  • Good to see an example that brings together Beego and React, two very popular frameworks for building modern web applications.


User Groups:

Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • William Kennedy
  • Joe Tsai
  • José Carlos García
  • alvaradopcesar
  • meirf
  • Jaehoon Kim
  • Mayra Cabrera
  • Ihor Dvoretskyi
  • Vasya Poteryaiko

Hi Jason, altought I just entered in the forum, It would be nice to add us (Benefício Fácil - www.beneficiofacil.com.br) as a company using Go here in Brazil: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/GoUsers#brazil



Thanks for the info - just added.

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