Web applications with GO, a little bit to low level?

The idea of embedding the server inside the app is getting really popular in the Java world as well. Rather than having a container like Tomcat and deploying an app to it you embed the server inside the app and it serves itself. Similar to using go’s http package and templates. Its still a good idea to have an http server(apache etc) up front for static content. The nice thing about embedding the server in the app is how easy it makes to deploy your app to a micro-services environment. I’m sure of the kind of app you are working on but writing your front end as a go app serving html etc and having a back end service that handles data access makes it really scalable. The services can communicate via rest or whatever protocol you like and you can scale a little easier in the future if you need to. That might be a little overkill for some scenarios though. Good luck!

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