Vungle is looking for Gophers to rock some boats!

Hi All,

This is my first time posting here; excuse my obnoxiousness :wink: I lead a small team in San Francisco where we are using Go to build backend services that serve billions of requests per day. The engineering org is a complete Go fanboy camp where we’re using platforms like Docker and Kubernetes that’s built on top of Go, while frantically build Vungle’s next generation generation fleet of infrastructure and services on top using Go. The team is small, lean, and highly-disciplined; and quite frankly, we have been so excited to build all kinds of things that we’ve been putting our head down to just build, build, and build. Yet, there’re still quite a few new things that we really wanted to do but didn’t have the time for like incorporating gRPC.

The company itself is doing quite well; while overall we like to stay low-key and keeping the team lean, it doesn’t hurt to invite some more stellar gophers like you guys! If the above sounds like what you’ve been playing around, please reach out to me! I’m very interested in chatting with you guys, even if it’s not for recruiting purposes, I’m hoping I can still learn a few Go tricks from you!

Have a great day!

Steve Jiang


Remote OK?

Hi Luiz,

Unfortunately, we only offer working in one of our offices in San Francisco, London, or China. Do any of these locations work for you?

No, I’m in Brazil.