Vim-go v1.2 released

Hi all,

I’ve just released vim-go with version v1.2. There are many fixes and improvements. The most notable new feature is the introduction of :GoMetaLinter support.

Check it out:


Awesome! This is thing makes me want to learn VIM.


Awesome! Thanks.

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I can’t thank you enough for vim-go - it’s a wonderful tool.


Thanks everyone for their kind works. I really appreciate it : )

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vim-go was the reason I converted to Vim and now I can’t imagine working in any other way editor. It really is a fantastic tool for an already great editor : ) Really appreciate the work that is being put into it.

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Same here, I knew how to control Vim, but thanks to vim-go I actually started to get to know vim :).

Thanks for vim-go :).

Thanks for a great plugin!

Thanks for vim-go. I absolutely love the combination of vim-go and neocomplete. Finally i don’t have to use an editor with a gui anymore, but have all the convenience editor plus the power of vi back in my terminal.

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