Using optional parameters in wasm building

I’m trying to convert the below code from IndexedDB JavaScript API into GO WASM:

request.onupgradeneeded = function(event) {
    var db =;
    var objectStore = db.createObjectStore("employee", {keyPath: "id"});
    for (var i in employeeData) {

So, I wrote:

    var dbUpgrade js.Func
    var result, request js.Value

	dbUpgrade = js.FuncOf(func(this js.Value, args []js.Value) interface{} {
		defer dbUpgrade.Release()
		result = this.Get("result")

    	var objectStore = result.Call("createObjectStore", "employee")
		objectStore.Call("add", `{ id: "00-01", name: "Karam", age: 19, email: "" }`)

		window.Call("alert", "First record posted.")
		return nil
	request.Set("onupgradeneeded", dbUpgrade)

But i got the below runtime error:

panic: JavaScript error: Failed to execute 'add' on 'IDBObjectStore': The object store uses out-of-line keys and has no key generator and the key parameter was not provided.

I understand the reason is because of not including {keyPath: "id"} at result.Call("createObjectStore", "employee" to match the JavaScript one, but I tried the below and nothing worked:

// 1.
result.Call("createObjectStore", "employee", "{keyPath: `id`}")
// 2.
key, _ := json.Marshal(map[string]string{"keyPath": "id"})
result.Call("createObjectStore", "employee", key)
// 3. 
result.Call("createObjectStore", `"employee", "{keyPath: "id"}"`)

Any thought how to make it?