Using map as an element in struct

Hi Everyone,

package main

import (

type person struct {
	firstName string
	lastName  string
	age       int
	mapper    map[string]int

type secretagent struct {
	p2   person
	kill bool

func main() {

	p1 := person{

		firstName: "Harshit",
		lastName:  "Singhvi",
		age:       30,
		mapper: {
			"James": 40, // Error on this line
			"Chima": 41,

	sa1 := secretagent{

		p2:   p1,
		kill: true,

	fmt.Println("Printing p1", p1)


Can anyone tell me how to use map as a struct element in golang

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Hi, @Harshit_Singhvi, you can see an example of how to initialize maps from here:

The example on that page is:

commits := map[string]int{
    "rsc": 3711,
    "r":   2138,
    "gri": 1908,
    "adg": 912,

Well…as for me compiler message clear enough:

missing type in composite literal

so you just need specify a type, because Go is language with static typization.

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Thanks @GreyShatter.

I am new to Go and your solution really helps!!!

Thanks again

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Thanks @skillian for the resolution.

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