Using Go Subroutine with external Events

Wanted to validate a pattern for which includes events and goroutines.Question is - is it a good approach to call event running in the main loop from go subroutine. Consider the following example

package main

import (


type SomeRandomState struct {
GlobalBusObj EventBus.Bus

func NewRandomState() *SomeRandomState {
return &SomeRandomState{
	GlobalBusObj: EventBus.New(),


func GlobalEventBusMessageReceived(msg string) {
fmt.Println("Message Received to Global Bus:" + msg)
func main() {
done := make(chan bool)

fmt.Println("Hello, playground")

s := NewRandomState()
s.GlobalBusObj.Subscribe("message_to_global_event_bus", GlobalEventBusMessageReceived)
s.GlobalBusObj.Publish("message_to_global_event_bus", "Publishing msg:Hello World") //the 
publishing of event works fine

go func() {
	fmt.Println("Inside go subrountine")
	s.GlobalBusObj.Publish("message_to_global_event_bus", "This is msg from the subroutine") 
//is this a good idea to send msg via events from a go subroutine to the main subroutine?

	done <- true



This seam to make sense to me. I would say it is a valid use.

It also can’t be easily replaced by channels because there might be multiple subscribers to the same event bus.


Thanks @Christophe_Meessen


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