Unexpected pprof heap output means buggy pprof or misunderstanding in how pprof heap output works?

Hello, I suspect that I may have come across a bug in the pprof heap ‘top’ report, but it may also just be something that I don’t understand about how the report works. I posted the ‘bug’ here [1], but because I posted it as a question (due to being a relative Golang newbie) – and not stating it’s a bug – then they closed it. I’m hoping somebody here can comment on whether it looks like a bug, or how I should be thinking about it differently to interpret the pprof heap ‘top’ report outpu? Thanks in advance!

[1] Unexpected `pprof` heap output means buggy `pprof` or misunderstanding in how `pprof` heap output works · Issue #49152 · golang/go · GitHub

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