Unable to find Go build output

Hi all, I am on my second day journey learning Go. I wrote a simple program using IntelliJ plugin and trying to build my module. IntelliJ tells me that compilation completed successfully, but I am not able to find actual compiled files. I also just ran “go build” through terminal on the file I created and did not get any message, which I interpreted as success. Can someone help me to understand what is going on here?

Environment: OS X 10.11.5 (15F34)
GOPATH variable is set and appended to PATH as per installation instructions
bin folder is empty after build


What is the exact command you typed ?

What did you expect to see ?

What did you see instead ?

In addition to the above questions, some random thoughts:

  • Consider that go build does not put the binary into $GOPATH/bin; go install does.
  • Does IntelliJ perhaps use its own $GOPATH; does it define its own go build destination? Be wary of IDE’s messing up your env.
  • Third bullet missing, I am not really awake yet :sleepy: :coffee:

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