ui2Go ... is this user interface package alive?

I discovered the ui2Go package for building user interfaces in Go, and I am interested to learn if this widget set has been developed in recent times.

Is anyone using it? What alternative ui packages are there?

If you refer to this ui2go, it looks like this project never took off. Only 16 commits in total, and no activity since a year.

Awesome Go has a GUI section. However, don’t expect too much. Go’s main focus obviously lies on server-side programming. Look like it was never meant to be a language for classic desktop applications.

If I decided to write a GUI app in Go today I would probably opt for Go with a Web front-end. This approach is OS independent and needs no cgo.

Thanks for the link to Awesome Go, Christoph. Quite a stunning resource.

Yes, the web browser approach is the most obvious one, It is just that I am still “deeply controlled” by my years in C++, and the GUI approach is “native” to me.

After a break from coding, I am returning to it as a hobby in retirement. My current project is to collect and serve family photos from a database to a defined set of subscribers. Most of the young folk use mobile devices, so a web-based solution is easiest.

But I do like “hotspots” behind images to provide navigation, sort of a game as well as simply looking at Grandma’s second boyfriend, before she ran off with her second-cousin, Willy.

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