The Slick programming language

I am happy to announce the release of the Slick programming language. It is a Lisp/Scheme-style s-expression surface syntax for the Go programming language, with a few extensions, most notably Lisp-style macros and Scheme-style quasiquotation.

The macro facility is based on Go’s plugin support, which are loaded by the compiler to process Slick code at compile time. There is no interpreter involved to make this work.

The Slick language is also not dynamically typed. It is really “just” a surface syntax to enable Lisp-style macro programming.

The Slick package also contains a Lisp/Scheme-style pair/cons-cell-based library to support lists and other kinds of data structures. That library is independent from Slick and can also be used in pure Go programs. (That library is itself implemented in Go.)

See the Slick programming language repository for further details.

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