Thanks for being rude

I know this won’t last long here since the people that manage this group remove anything they don’t agree with. However, I wanted to thank them for being so rude when I asked them to remove the BLM BS from the main website for golang because I don’t think a programming language should be political.

Instead of having a discussion they told me to find another language and they hoped they never met me in person. So… I took their advice and looked at a language I’ve been wondering about for years, “Rust”. I don’t want to devote years into a language where those in charge are so narrow minded and rude anyway.

I have to say that so far my experience with Rust has been awesome. I’m blown away at how fast the end result is and the language has a lot of really cool features that you don’t get in go.

So, you were rude and socially unacceptable but you’re actions forced me to take up a new language that I’m actually enjoying much more than go.



Rust is a very interesting language and I recommend everyone to have a look at it.

But this form is not the place for your personal vendetta…



I’m from Malaysia and has no business with US politics whatsoever. However, I’m deeply and strongly offended by you than the BLM banner issue.

1. Respect the documentations and community guidance

There are a lot of veteran gophers including moderators already briefed you the proper channels to raise your voice. This is not the one[1]. In fact, the proper channel to raise your voice is: [2], not even a Github x/website ticket.

A few key attributes for hiring any kind or languages programmer is knowing how to source, explore, acquire, and learn (SEAL) a resource. You had demonstrated the exact opposite in a written manner.

[1]: Why Does a programming language need to be political?

2. Choosing a main language based on needs

Programming languages are just a tool. I’m a heavy BASH-er outside of Go and Python when it comes to regular day job or automation needs.

Similarly, Go simply can’t work with microcontroller codes especially dealing with existing libraries, for that, I’m still using embedded C and its assembly languages where everybody hates.

The point is: please choose an appropriate tool for the appropriate job. You wouldn’t want to choose a chainsaw for a nailing job because someone simply said power tool is great!

3. Make your voice worthy

Please understand that there are people like me who sub this forum like a mailing list to keep things up-to-date, especially when we’re rushing our project.

Posts like yours sounded like a demanding 4-years old child crying for candy and seriously, why would someone support your claims? This forum is for Go technical discussion, not BLM/WLM/ALM forum. Hence, please be considerate.


Due to the fact that:

  1. Golang bridge’s posts get indexed easily on search engine (as I regularly received post related badges from my past posts).
  2. What you expressed can permanently deal damage your credentials and trustworthiness as a programmer in your career.

I’m flagging this post to avoid that permanent damage above all else. Moderators, please take note.

Lastly, I wish you all the best in the Rust or any other community of your choice.


Your problem is in believing that BLM is a political issue. It’s not. It’s a human rights issue and last I checked we were all humans here. Also, as mentioned above, this is not the place to complain about a banner offending you. Take it to the proper channels, and accept whatever conclusion is offered.

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When someone voices opinion and they are deleted from forum that is not a conversation. That is a dictatorship. That leaves people disagreeing with your point of view with no outlet.

Next. Most of you are not from US and therefore have no idea what is really going on here and should therefore keep your mouths shut.

Lastly. We are not a racist country and BLM is a racist organization. So this is not a human issue. It is strictly a marxist movement and you are supporting it out of pure ignorance


@Glenn_Hancock, there is a difference between fighting what is right or forcefully asking everyone in the WORLD to support your cause by blatantly insulting every single Gopher in the WORLD.

What you did here is forcing me (a complete non-resident alien) to get involved in your petty politics by directly insulting me as a racist, uneducated, single-minded Gopher/Go programmer. What gives you the right to force all gophers in the WORLD to support your cause via personal attack?

This is a GLOBAL, Go programming language technical forum, not a US-only forum. Back off now. I do not care about your US politics and thus bring it to your political forum. Notice that I do not side anyone (Go central team, BLM, or you) and did not get involved in your other properly addressed thread.

If you do not learn how to respect others, then do not expect others to respect you. At least the BLM and other parties are not as rude and disrespectful as you, timid minded crybaby.

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I am sorry but you’re the ones that have insulted all members of this site by supporting a racist organization with an idiotic slogan. Are you now saying that ONLY Black Lives Matter? Because that is what they say.

All I asked was that the political statement be removed as it is not the place of a programming language to get into politics. It was an ignorant move and most people won’t say anything to you because of the way I’m being treated.

I am not racist yet I have all these non Americans pretending to be better than me when they know nothing of the facts. ie: Blacks in America are being hunted down and killed by police. Yet only 9 black men were killed by police in 2019 for the entire year and all 9 were fighting or trying to kill the police during the shooting. So the facts when people with brains actually start researching don’t support the claims.

Also, BLM has raised over $500 million dollars (last I heard was over a billion) and hasn’t spent a single dime on the black community.

The BLM group was started by trained marxists and there are videos on youtube of them stating this fact in person. So none of what I am saying is conspiracy or BS.

But to me, no matter the issue a programming language should not be political. I support black lives the same as white, hispanic and the rest. The entire slogan is stupid. Blacks have a problem but to say they have no burden to fix the issues themselves is just being stupid and quite frankly racist.

I appreciate you at least letting me voice my opinion because your first tact was to completely remove my post and try to shut me up. The facts in this situation do not support your side but only you doing your own research and not just listening to the bullshit on CNN will you ever wake yourself up. That again, is your problem as I have moved on to a much better language.


As far as I hold disagreement with both you and Go central team, I’m on the side with the Singaporean who raised that issue in the proper channel. However, upon the conclusion was made, there is nothing much we, the passionate non-US Gophers can do aside being smart about not getting involved. You should have notice it from the start that I’m prohibited to side any parties at all.

One thing for sure: personal attack in a completely unrelated forum won’t work. If you are an American who truly believe in equality and truly passionate for Go programming language, you should had spent the effort in the right channel and fight all the way in instead of gave up half way, ran to Rust, and then spill your frustration + shed your tears by personal attack everyone here. I don’t call you cry-baby for no reason.

Similarly, I do my part here by stopping you from doing further mindless personal attacks to all Gophers especially to the new comers. If you do your part correctly, no one outside US can stop you. In fact, we won’t be talking to each other at all.

My standpoint for this thread is still the same: requesting moderator to remove this thread as it harms you as a person character and career instead of being a heated debate.

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Agreed… this gentleman needs to find his off-switch and fly VFR to get his bearings again.


Just so you know I did attempt the proper channel and instead of having a conversation about the matter they did exactly the same thing as you and just killed my ticket and declared themselves the winner. I don’t do business with racists and therefore moved to rust. I have been using go for years but i draw a line at censorship.

I am no more a racist than you but it was your position that i was a bad person simply because i very much wanted go to stay out of politics. As a result we find ourselves wasting time discussing non go problems. It is a terrible shame.


Yaya, and where are the sources from golang-nuts? So far your presented points are all self-proclaimed like a cry-baby crying and yelling for candy at the supermarket. If the Go central team can unreasonably delete thread at will, why can I still find that thread?

By the way, sorry to break your heart, sweetie, Rust is also supporting BLM[1][2][3]:
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

Go only 1 serve ribbon of hate. Rust seems to… serve a large pizza of hate with blog post. No worries, I did some scanning for you. Here are some of the programming languages that are not associated with BLM:

  1. COBOL -
  2. Perl -
  3. c -
  4. erlang -
  5. Java -

COBOL and Perl looks good to me. Backward compatible and 100% guaranteed working on Linux. I heard American financial industry is still massively hiring COBOL too (! Oh yeah, you need to avoid this one too:

  1. Scala -

You do realize everyone got involved here because you are the one assaulting the Gophers in the WORLD with unconvincing points, outside of US, who has no business in this US-only political issue in the first place, right?


Also, are you aware that the best thing you can do to achieve a win-win outcome is:

  1. Apologies to all the non-related Gophers for your unintentional assault due to frustration publicly and you bring this matter to golang-nuts, which is the correct channel and start the debate there.
  2. Keep quiet and leave as you claimed (still lose-win as rust folks and search this thread and be wary about you).
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Yeah, at least they don’t have it posted across their main website. Again, I come from a country that encourages debate because in the end it makes everyone stronger and usually more sure they made the right decision. You come from a world as do most of your piers that is used to following orders and not debating. You just shut down any conversation that you don’t agree with.

You offer links to prove my posts are not gone, yet no one can post to them to offer opposing points of view. The children have deemed the conversation done because they said so. You’re doing it right now.

I guess it is interesting to learn that your country is also racist though and it isn’t just America. Since there are moronic children running around the streets of most countries holding up BLM signs with ZERO supporting facts to back up their positions. Oh, and most important of all, offering no opposing dialog.

Walk into those areas and try to talk about evidence to support the claim of systemic racism and you’ll just be beat down, LITERALLY.

The sad state of affairs is that the world is yours to screw up and it is apparent which direction the youth are headed. Change the definition of systemic and while you’re at it change the definition of racism so that it fits your moronic opinions.

Either way, you have gone far and above convincing me I want nothing to do with your cult of opinions any longer. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt since you were actually talking instead of shutting down the conversation but it turns out you are only doing it because you think yourself superior and actually have nothing substantial to add to the conversation.


You do realize this statement, by itself, declared that you simply don’t bother about human right from the root of all of your crying, right?

You claimed you’re from the first-world, first class, yada yada… but you can’t even do a simple “prove your points” in the debate. All crying.

You claimed that you want to move on to Rust and leave us all, yet here you are, continue crying around.

You claimed that you fight for “all lives” and against racism, yet you just provided a skewed thinking about Rust supporting BLM.

You claimed that I’m a racist person, yet you can’t provide evidence at all that I’m actually am one.

You claimed that you’re debating but here you are, keep forcing me to get involved with the fight with BLM/WLM/ALM foreign matters, ignoring my statement that I’m prohibited to get involved.

You claimed that you approached the proper channel, yet you failed to provide your evidences of efforts (and expect me to do it for you? Did you lie about it or what?)

And now you claim you want to give me a benefit of doubt? Are you serious? Should I loop John Oliver in?

With all the deduction above, it’s good enough to draw a conclusion that you are not, in fact, fighting for any human rights and proven my point that your voices are indeed worthless.

The thing is, you haven’t prove your claims from the start. Just read the thread from the top again: it’s all about muttering, throwing frustrations, commanding people to do what you like, and shoot people for what you dislike. Man, this is kid with daddy issue here.

Let me give you a hint: All I did here messing with you is giving a chance to either redeem yourself or to prove that this forum isn’t as you claimed, by your own action.

I want it to hit deep into the readers of this thread so hard, especially those from the United States, that how barbaric some “gifted” Americans are forcing non-US individuals to get involved in a US-only matter.

I want see how you use your freedom of speech to do a debate and learn more about how American uses their 1st Amendment.

The difference between you and me, is that I speak with data pointers, presenting sources to prove my points and etc so that:

  1. any readers of this thread can verify my claims is a statement or just a pure malicious opinion.
  2. as a future learning point.
  3. to earn trust so that I do not simply claim things or make statement.

If you can’t get this straight from the start, don’t call it a debate. This is probably the main problem why your people shut you out right from the beginning.

TIP: you can’t even get through me, a person from a third-world country as you claimed, in a “debate”, what makes you think you can get toe-to-toe with those champs and brilliant talents from Go central team?

Hahahaha. The country where I’m from, especially being as a minority ethics and been through those toxic political drama since the 1998, you still got a long way to go before being a judge, son.

Anyway, I wish you all the best since my objective is done. Enjoy your crying with others. By the way, fly safe, seriously.

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Your inability to read is not my problem. I posted links and videos of the BLM organizers proving they are marxist and all you have to do is research all the money and programs they are doing for the black community to see it is all a joke.

I’m not sure what all your other moronic sentences are supposed to be saying as half that stuff I never said. You guys are the ones that locked my threads and removed them so no one else could have a conversation. It was that action that set me off.

But you are right. You’re a complete moron and there is no point continuing to speak to you. BTW: You guys locked this thread as well and for some reason you opened it again so you could try to start a fight. You lose because you have zero facts, you don’t live here and you’re a complete child incapable of caring on a conversation.

So rock on,


Well, I am brand new to golang. Had to try to get back on my feet after losing my previous job of 30 years. I heard about go and decided to give it a go. I have never programmed in my life and I am finding it tough, especially at my age (close to 60). Just reading through these posts (and everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a right to disagree), I find that politics is everywhere. I am in South Africa.

I visit the forum to learn and not engage in political debate (we each have our views). Anyway, have a good day.

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Glenn you sound like an ignorant pig who is too dense to see how narrow minded you are. It’s like watching some pathetic man in an echo chamber. You’re not even part of the marginalized community and yet you yourself have decided you know best what it is that is going on for them.

When people say black lives matter they aren’t saying no other lives matter and that jump is so large and moronic I’m surprised you didn’t get whiplash.

If I say we need to protect the rainforest I’m not saying screw all other forests and only an idiot would believe I am. I am saying protect the rainforest because it under attack.
When you look at the brutality of the cases involving black people, where they are killed in their own homes, do you not wonder how it must feel to live in fear like that? That you, your children, your friends and family might be the next headline. Another drop of blood in a bucket.

So when someone like you comes along and claims they have found supporting evidence for their racist views, it’s just absurd. You can find videos claiming evidence of anything you want in this world. You can find “evidence” for conspiracy theories so wild you need a notebook just to follow and make sense of.
The reality is, for whatever reason, you are actively choosing to ignore the plight of an entire group of people. I don’t know why you are choosing to do so, I think you are coming across as some pissed off spoiled nationalist and you should probably take a break from the internet for a little while, drink some tea, and reflect on your ideals.

I have no doubt you can find some blm members who are Anti-white, but if you decide you are going to focus exclusively on extremists then I don’t see how any organization will really work out for you nor how we progress as a civilization.

You equate a movement aiming to introduce equality as Marxist because it’s so damn easy for idiots like you to take anything you don’t like and slap that label on it.

In conclusion, you’re a white man on a coding forum hollering about how the black community is not in fact marginalized and you have proof of it. Let that sink in through that thick disgusting skin of yours for a second, and I think I speak for the vast majority of the Go community, who are empathetic enough to not attempt to crush the cries of a group they don’t even belong to based only on their own beliefs and anger, when I say goooooooooood riddance.

Also! You are so dumb you don’t see how the argument “you don’t live in America you have no say” can’t be flipped to "you aren’t black you have no say":joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s honestly astonishing reading something from someone lacking so much self awareness


Thanks to Glenn and Donald Trump, who showed me how many “first class country” morons are there :slight_smile:


Perfect example of ignorance. You actually believe calling me dumb makes you right. You probably don’t live here and have no idea what is going on at the moment. But you can jump in and call me names. I feel so bad now because the 3rd grader called me names.

Seriously. You have zero facts, I have a good number of facts. You calling me dumb and attempting to make fun of me doesn’t make you right. And we shouldn’t be discussing politics on a damn programming page.


It is so funny how you guys just call people names and think you are therefore superior. You guys know ■■■■ about blacks in this country but watch CNN and think you know it all. Why are we discussing politics on a programming site?

Deal with your own countries problems and support whatever ignorant cause you want, but leave my country out of it. In fact, leave GO out of it. Remove the stupid banner that proclaims ignorance in stating the obvious in the name of social justice and lets get back to programming.

By the way, 3rd graders calling me names doesn’t effect me in any way. Just makes you all look very petty.

Regarding my petty, third grader understanding you brought this “shite” here sir. And i strongly believe that you like those names because you are still here and playing with that :slight_smile:

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