Tdu - Top Disk Usage v1.32

Do you want to know what is using all your disk space ?

This command-line tool estimates the disk space occupied by all files in a given path. It displays a sorted list of the biggest items. The estimation method is similar to the ‘du -skx’ command from GNU Coreutils package.

New features since version 1.30:

  • Add option to print sizes in human readable format
  • Count empty directories
  • Add option to list empty directories
  • Add option to list access denied directories
  • Add option to list sockets and named pipes
  • Add option to list character and block devices
  • Add option to show file status errors

Full changelog :

Send your feedback and suggestions !
macOS and FreeBSD developers, I need your help.

Ready-to-run packages for Linux and Windows at :
Source code :

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There isn’t new windows release :wink:

I will do my best to provide a new windows release before Saturday (2019-05-18) :wink:

The windows release is now available for download :sunny:

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