syscall: What does syscall.Sysinfo_t.Procs mean?

I’m a little confused about the output of following code, anyone can give a suggestion?

package main

import (

func main() {
	var info syscall.Sysinfo_t
	fmt.Println("procs : ", info.Procs)

	if files, err := filepath.Glob("/proc/[0-9]*"); err == nil {
		fmt.Println("procs : ", len(files))

The output is:

root@ubuntu-xenial:/home/ubuntu# ./main
procs :  140
procs :  120

/proc on a GNU/Linux machine is a psuedo-filesystem containing information about running processes and the GNU/Linux kernel.

Read more here

Edit: I realise I’m a bit too sleepy here. What exactly are you asking? Why the number is different? There are things in /proc that do not match your regular expression.

Edit2: But the fact that there are things in /proc that does not match your regular expression is not the answer. I’m not sure what is, but I am getting different number on my machine as well, even when I changed the regular expression pattern to *

I’d like to know why the number is different?

At a guess, threads vs processes?

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