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Hi all
Do you guys have any solution in go language, for example, to log into your gmx email account and send an email in hidden browser mode on VPS…VDS…?

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What do you mean by “hidden brwoser mode”?

In general for sending an email from a server I’d use SMTP rather then interfacing with a browser.

If though you really want to use a browser, you should take a look at selenium, and google for an go interface for it.

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a bad news that Go doesn’t support it as it refefers here

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Elixir isn’t listed there as well, and I know binding exists.

tebeka/selenium (GoDoc) was my first hit on google when searching for “selenium golang”.

Also the same google quersy shows some BDD frameworks that say to use Selenium under the hood.

So there is a way to do what you want.

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Well, that’s nice but I would rather use official bindings for that like java for example.

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Then use one of the languages listed on the selenium page…

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hidden browser mode,I mean browser visible = false

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Selenium should support that.

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I found , thanks for help all

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