Speaking at the golang-syd meetup on Thursday

Seeing as how Australia hasn’t managed to kill me yet, @dfc was kind enough to invite me to give a talk at the golang-syd meetup this Thursday the 29th at 6:30pm. If you’re in the area, it would be great to meet you. RSVP here, but only if it pleases you. The topic will be “The Go Project, a Product Manager’s Perspective.”

I promise not to use any of the following phrases:

  • “total addressable market”
  • “opportunities for synergistic innovation”
  • “unique value proposition”
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I wanted to know the answer to that one :disappointed:

Just added my “Gopher Population Estimate” slides.

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That’s the range of memory available to your program, right?


Kinda sounds like a good consulting firm interview question:

“Estimate the number of gophers on all of the golf courses in the state of New York on a Sunday in June.”


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