Some help understanding a source code

Hey guys,

I am currently doing an internship and I have to upgrade a DB exporter that is written in Golang. I don’t have much experience with Golang. At the moment I am having trouble understanding the source code.

Will someone be able to explain the source code to me and push me in the right direction. I would really appreciate some help.

Kind regards


You haven’t even told were to find the source code you are talking about. If though it’s not publicly available, I’m in doubt that we are able to help you, as you’ll probably get problems with the company if you share the source code with non company people.

Usually there should be someone guiding you into the language and the sources if it’s really an internship and not just cheap labour…


the source code is an open-source oracle DB exporter. so it will not have consequences.


You missed to answer where one can find it.

That will give you much higher chances to find someone with knowledge for that project.


Any help regarding this code is welcome.


I think you should learn Go and can recommend the famous book:

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