Should I use Go or Elixir for chat app back-end?

I am working with elixir and golang for my back-end project, so i am still don’t decide to choose which one is best to create chat system for billion users like what’s app, any idea?

Depends on the knowledge of the team.

If your team knows go betterm use go, if they know ruby better go with elixir, if they know elixir, well use it. If they know BF, well get another team :smiley:

If there is no prior knowledge or nor team, chosse either and get a team for that. I’ve heard though its easier to hire for go than for elixir.

At the end: WhatsApp has choosen Erlang for a reason. Though I do not know if they had used go if it had been available back then.

understood, tnx for ur answer, I am qurious about performance of both. which one will be best.

Totally depends, both do some things “good” and some things bad.

Most raw compute benchmarks will be won by go. Though in my experience gos GC can be much more invasive than the BEAM one. Both work well in the scenarios they have been designed for.

At the end you need to benchmark your usecase.

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