Setting up Go Environment


Novice here. I just downloaded the package onto my windows computer. After in was downloaded, a black screen came up. I am unable to type anything into this space.

What other components am I missing?

Thank you!

I’m sorry but which package did you download which way? What error message do you get? Right now we follow the NINA principle: No Information - No Answer :grinning:

Ensure you have downloaded the right install package for your system architecture (32 bit vs 64 bit). The MSI installers should work fine. Back when I used Windows, I never had problems with them. I cannot comment on the zip packages.
However, I cannot remember if the account needs Administrator rights in order to install the package; this could be worth checking.

Check your Windows installation, this is not a problem about Go. If you just download the compiler and even you installed or unzipped, problems like black screens and so on are for sure system problems.

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