Set Alternatives

Hey everyone,

I have a quick question for those who are proficient in go.
I have the following use case:

I want to have a data structure where I keep strings, I dont want duplicates and also I update that data structure regularly, and in that case I want an efficient way to combine the current set of strings with another set of them.
I am basically describing the notion of Sets, which Go doesnt have.
Is there any other data structure I can use, that achieves all of theses things efficiently?
I would love it if it does not include external dependencies

Try map[string]struct{}. A struct{} is an empty data type (0 bytes), and so the map becomes effectively a set of strings with no duplicates. (You could also use bool or int if you don’t care about a few extra bytes.)

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Yeah, I saw some implementations of Sets on top of maps, that’s cool. I’ll check them out.

Thank you for the quick response!

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