Serve nextjs app through go server

Hi, I have created backend in go that serves some api’s.
I created frontend in nextjs.
Is there any way to serve nextjs pages through go server ?
Like if url: “/” is called go app should server nextjs page or if “/users” is called go should server the json response.

If you use next export (assuming you are not using any server side logic), you can copy the contents of the out/ directory to wherever you want (you may need to use this: next.config.js: Base Path | Next.js) and serve those contents with static file serving with any golang server that supports static file serving.

Hi @kanishka , I am serving my go api with “api” as base url and after them i am using proxy to call the frontend url because I am serving build on another port.

It is working fine except not loading the all resources like css, images fonts

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