Resgate - Create Push APIs with live resources in a simple way


A Go project implementing the RES protocol with NATS server as messaging system.
Used for building scaleable, resilient, extensible, and secure client API’s based on simple, stateless microservices serving live resources to web applications.

Resgate is the agnostic API gateway that makes it all possible, by handling things like subscriptions, resource caching, and access control.

Simple, stateless, and scalable like REST, but with live resources.


Assumed you’ve added $GOPATH/bin to your PATH environment variable already.

Install and run NATS server:

go get

Install and run Resgate:

go get

Download and run the Hello World example microservice in the language of your choice:

Run the example client:

  • Using Chrome - Go to this CodePen.
  • Using some other browser
    Some browsers won’t allow accessing a non-encrypted websocket from an encrypted page.
    Run the client javascript locally using a webpack server, or some other similar tool.

Web resource

For old REST based clients, resources can be retrieved using ordinary HTTP GET requests:


Methods can be called using HTTP POST requests:



{ "message": "Updated through HTTP" }

Project page

More info and examples here:

Current state

We’ve joyfully used resgate successfully in a couple of projects. I really believe this project has a lot of potential!

Now it is time to put it under scrutiny, to see if it might solve or simplify creation of Push APIs for others as well.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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