Remote Senior Go Developers

About the company
We want to make every vehicle available in one API.

Remote work

We are developing a a very minimal API that gives access to every vehicle worldwide.

We work fully remote. The CEO is tech focused.

We are funded and incorporated in Amsterdam.

Learn more at

Skills & requirements
We are looking only for senior experience
Google Cloud Platform

Instructions how to apply


I have sent you an Email. You can add me on $kype: cis.troy to discuss more.

Looking forward !


Wow, that’s a mighty goal. How do you plan to do this?

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Was a Let’s Encrypt certificate to expensive? :wink:

It is more on the operation side than of the tech side. Is actually pretty easy when you use existing fleets and believe cars in the future will be part of fleets that maintain them and not individual cars.

This website was put together just to show case. It’s content is in an open repository.

Tech sites and api endpoints don’t necessarily need certificates.

But they need encryption. An API that uses unencrypted transportation is a major security risk.

In this day and age where it is extremely easy to get a certificate and to configure the httpd to use it, there is no excuse not to use TLS with valid certificates.

If you are looking for quality Go Developers - I advise checking an outstaffing companies. They provide experienced go development team. Also, the big advantage of such collaboration is a guarantee that this team will be dedicated only to your project.