Recommendations for Go developer

I operate a system designed to query a server at set intervals, with triggers to query as fast as possible with an action on a specific response.

The system was coded for me but utilises a number of third party applications such as from uber which whilst effective in basis functionality, is largely inappropriate for tweaking; as I’ve found from a series of questions and subsequent replies on here.

Is there such a thing as an highly experience Go developer or company anyone can recommend. I know what I want my system to do, just need the right person or company to implement. All work via github, paid jobs.

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Will you be able to do an initial walkthrough through the code? Or does one need to discover it on their own?

Are there any deadlines involved?

Do you have any preferences in timezone or currency?

What is your budget in dollars, euro or man hours, days, months?

A walkthrough of what the code is meant to do is no problem, I just wouldn’t be able to explain specifically what each line of code means.

Ongoing work, no fixed deadlines.

UK and GBP but can pay in EUR or USD.

Most jobs I expect would take an expert minutes or hours at most, but there is a view to further larger development once the individual is familiar with the code.

How about the size of the code base? Are you talking about a small tool or rather a big and complex system?

I’d consider it very small, made up of 20 or so files, but focused on speed down to the micro/millisecond accuracy.

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