Questions about GO for schools


I work in a school and one of our students has asked that we install GO.

Before I can install it i have been asked to find out a couple of things.

  1. is there any cost
  2. is it windows 10 compatible
  3. can it be used with python

Any help would be appreciated as i have no idea when it comes to programming.

our students currently learn python and if this would help them then i would like to get it installed asap but i have to jump through hoops before i can do so.

thank you in advance.

No. Go is Free Software and Open Source. See the license:

Yes, you can download Go for Windows 7 or later:

What do you mean by “with”? Please be more specific.

Hi Iutzhorn,

Thank you for your reply.

This is the question i was originally sent from one of our IT Teachers.

One of our 6th form students is wanting to use the language ‘Go’ in combination with Python in order to complete his A-Level Computer Science qualification, however he is concerned if we were to install it there may be some confliction with Python causing his programs to crash.

You can install Python and Go on the same computer without any problems. A program writte in Go will not care about other programs written in Python and vice versa. Both can be run at the same time.

So you are save to install both and have your students use both.

Brilliant, thank you so much for your help and very quick replies Lutzhorn

No problem.

And if your student has any questions about Go, tell him to come here and join us :slight_smile:

I will be sure to let them know that this is the place to go for help :slight_smile:

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