Python programmer wants to learn Go by example project


I am not a newbie programmer. I have worked on Python and a few other languages in past so was able to grasp the basic things in Go which are provided by other langs too(Loop, IF/ELSE etc). I want to learn Go by working on some real project instead of doing coding exercises. Can you guide me in this regard?


That would be one of the mistakes that you would make. It’s easy to learn Go (check out Go Tour), but it’s not so easy afterwards. I’ve seen many senior programmers who hit the wall with Go just because they think that they know the basic constructs already.

However, then again, if you want to do it on your own, just check out the great Go projects on Github to get a sense. Read their source code and try contributing to them.


If you’ve never used it before, I’d strongly recommend

Secondly, gophercises has 20 good projects that will really help.

Why? Can you elaborate? is it because of Go idioms or its features like Channels etc?

You can rewrite some of your applications in go. Also you can find an opensource project and try to contribute. Submit pull requests, see what missing and add that feature etc

I am in the same vote; however, coming from a TCL and Perl background. Some of the concepts are beyond my level of programming skills, yet I believe Go - exceptionally in the area of arrays and memory management will provide great examples for getting these concepts.

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