Problem with JSON request data generation


I’m trying to generate fairly nested JSON request data. I’m in trouble figuring out, how to generate multiple specific objects against []int.

Playgroud link:

Thanks in advance!

You can use a custom integer type that knows how to marshal itself oddly:

Ideally this is what yields the results you are looking for. I am not sure about how to use calmh’s idea here. Please keep me posted if you can

request := &Request{
JsonHead: “4.0”,
JsonID: 1,
Method: “read”,
Params: Param{
Objects: []Object{
{ObjID: objectIds[0]},{ObjID: objectIds[1]},{ObjID: objectIds[2]},


Thanks for fast reply.

calmh: I’m not sure, how could I use oddInt function in this situation. It is returning already marshaled []byte and I should be marshaling static and this dynamic objects json data separately and join them after marshaling into needed request which I think is too much hassle.

I would like to use method given by javapriyan, but I don’t know how to add these objects dynamically. There may be more than three objectIds in slice of ints.


You can dynamically add the objects with:

request := &Request{
	JsonHead: "4.0",
	JsonID:   1,
	Method:   "read",

for _, oid := range objectIds {
	request.Params.Objects = append(request.Params.Objects, Object{ObjID: oid})
} does this and checks the output.


nathankerr, Thank you very much! This was exactly what I needed. It’s simple and elegant solution. I can continue moving forward with my little project.

As I presumed, I still have lots to learn about data types and how to use them properly.

Thanks for all who answered!

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I just showed marshalling them as is. The MarshalJSON solution works fine if you embed an oddInt anywhere in your object as well. But go with whatever works. :slight_smile:

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