Problem with installation

I follow the instruction on website and uses the msi to have c:/go in my computer. However when I try to use it in command line it says the following on the picture. I’ve checked the environmental variable and everything seems fine.
and lat time I use the suggestion on the command line I get a go version of linux (I use windows) which is really wired.
Need help!!! please!!!

Hi, @Weixin_Feng, you seem to be running bash in the Windows Subsystem for Linux. As far as I am aware, you cannot run Windows programs in that environment, so the version of Go you installed is not available from that interface. You could:

  • Use PowerShell or the Command Prompt instead of WSL to run the version of Go you installed from the MSI


  • Install Go in the Linux distribution you’re running in WSL.
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that works!

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