Possibly struct bug

Hello . I have multiple struct types , all fields seems filled properly but 1 , and i have no idea why value displays 0 when i put 1 in param.

package main

import (

type convFlow struct {
	conFlowData []*userData
	//choices []*choice
type convMessage struct {
	botMsg  int
	userMsg int

//ConvChat general info about chat user
type userData struct {
	userID       int
	state        int
	msgIDs       *convMessage
	userName     string
	userFname    string
	userLastName string

func (data *convFlow) addData(userID int, state int, botMsg, userMsg int, userName, userFname, userLastName string) {

	usr := &userData{
		userID: userID,
		msgIDs: &convMessage{
			botMsg:  botMsg,
			userMsg: userMsg,
		userName:     userName,
		userFname:    userFname,
		userLastName: userLastName,
	data.conFlowData = append(data.conFlowData, usr)

func main() {
	start := new(convFlow)

	start.addData(222314, 1, 12, 13, "@Brandon", "John", "Don")

	for _, dt := range start.conFlowData {

any idea why it shows 0 instead 1

Found my own mistake in code

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