Platform for distributed calculations

Hello, everyone

I’m a developer of Metaheuristic (MH) platform for distributed computations and I’d like to promote it to Go’s community.
Using MH you can create your own environment for distributed calculations and use Go as a programming language for writing functions.

MH allows you:

  • store functions written in Go, deploy these functions to computational nodes
  • create tasks for computation
  • deliver tasks and data to computational nodes
  • aggregate results

Some features of MH:

  • no any vendor lock, all your code will be executed as a binary at operation system level
  • support a multi-tenant for organizing a work of different teams
  • can run on any OS which is supporting Java

More information on MH you can find at

Also, you can ask questions on

project on Github - sergmain/metaheuristic

Thanks, Sergio

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