Pkgtop: Interactive package manager and resource monitor designed for the GNU/Linux

Package management (install/upgrade/remove etc.) can be a problem if the user is not familiar with the operating system or the required command for that operation. So pkgtop tries to solve this problem with an easy-to-use terminal interface and shortcut keys. Briefly, pkgtop aims to provide a terminal dashboard for managing packages on GNU/Linux systems. Using the terminal dashboard, it’s possible to list installed packages by size (or alphabetically with -a argument), show information about the package, install/upgrade/remove packages and search package. Also, there are other handy shortcuts for easing the package management process which mentioned in the usage information.



edit removed my former questions, as I realised they are answered in the README :smiley: But also adding a new one:

It claims to be compatible with pacman, so can I use it as an AUR helper as well or is it pacman only?


It’s pacman only for now. I’m thinking of adding options for choosing the package manager though.


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