Passing parameters to module function


I am using the following module for text comparison ->

Currently my call looks like this and works:
if levenshtein.Match(rpmname, candidate.Packages[i], nil) >= levmin { levok = true }

I now want to provide parameters to the Match function instead of nil.
But I can’t seem to figure out the syntax to do that. I have tried all types of notations with curly brackets, normal brackets, defining a struct with the proper names, etc. but I am obviously lacking something here.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Usually you can find some hints in tests. For not nil params:


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Doing this, I run into the following error:

undefined: NewParams

Any ideas?

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Of course, it’s function from external package so youu must call it via package_name.function_name syntax :wink:
So levenshtein.NewParams()

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Thanks, it was late and I am still stuck a bit in the Perl mindset where the module name is not used as a prefix. I seem to trigger some out of range bugs with this:

      	var myparams = levenshtein.NewParams()
    	if levenshtein.Match(rpmname, candidate.Packages[i], myparams) >= levmin { levok = true }

I have opened an issue on GitHub for this.
Thanks for your help!

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