Passing gocv Mat over http

Hey everyone. I’m sorry my first post is just me asking for help, but hopefully I can become good enough one day to help others.

I’m working on a client/server setup to practice golang where I use gocv to grab an image from my webcam along with some extra metadata and send it to a remote server for processing. Both processes are written in go. What would be the best way to transmit the mat to the server process?

I have already tried to use gob like so:


func handleConnection(conn net.Conn) {

    dec := gob.NewDecoder(conn)
    p := gocv.NewMat()

    gocv.IMWrite("test.png", p)



encoder := gob.NewEncoder(conn)
encoder.Encode(img) //img is the mat

This didn’t work. I’ve also tried reading the mat pixel by pixel and sending it all encoded as a string, but that just feels wrong. How would I send/receive this simply using the “net” package?

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I found the solution I was looking for. To pass an image over gocv as a mat, use the gocv.ToBytes() function and then encode it as a byte slice.

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