Orm for golang Toyorm v0.4-alpha release

Toyorm is powerful go orm


add Cas Field, toy-factory in this update

more detail in changelog

Now it have following feature

  • Table Migrate (CreateTable/DropTable)
  • Data Operation (Insert/Save/Update/Find/Delete)
  • Preload Operation(BelongTo/OneToOne/OneToMany/ManyToMany mode)
  • Join Query
  • Transactions
  • Ignore Mode (ignore specified zero/nil field)
  • Bind Fields (when Bind Fields, Only operation Bind Fields in Table)
  • Sofe Delete (Update DeletedAt Fields replace real delete operation)
  • Scope (Custom sql build)
  • Thread safe if comply with the agreement
  • Sql Template (custom your sql syntax)
  • Result And Error (record sql operation log and error)
  • Collection (multiple database operation)
  • toy-doctor(check FieldSelection args)
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