Newbie: Sociel Media authentication (oauth/oauth2)

Hey everyone

I have two questions for you:

  • Which package do you all use to do social media authentication? Any recommendations? I’ve tried gomniauth and it works fine, but it does not support Twitter (oauth1). I’m currently trying Goth.

  • Anyone uses any of these on App Engine? Can’t get goth to work and It’s curious how little I find online about this… (I would have though this was a very common thing)

goth should work on GAE: you’ll just need to configure the http.DefaultClient and http.DefaultTransport to use the urlfetch transport:

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Thanks! , I somehow missed that one as I was searching for “engine”

Any experience with any of these? When I google I find a lot of references to oauth2, but it seems pretty low level… Any reason why people don’t use these nice high-level packages? Or did they simply not exist before?

Mostly this (goth is only a year old as of this month) from my experience, but there’s often still a desire to “roll your own”. It also may not be suitable if you have your own OAuth2 provider.

Given how OAuth2 has a ton of sharp edges and differing implementations across providers I would reach towards (and recommend others do so too) goth first before using the lower-level golang/oauth2.

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This fix doesn’t really work anymore, see this issue for more info and a potential fix:

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