New member, New programmer, Excited about go!

Hello my name is Mike and I am very new to Golang. My dad is a VERY experienced programmer and has suggested I learn Golang to hopefully open up some employment opportunities for myself in the future.

I am brand new to programming, I don’t know any other languages and so far I have only just covered the very basics of the language. I was referred here by the “Udemy” course I’m taking, taught by Todd Mcleod. So far I am very much enjoying programming and I love the challenge and sense of achievement when I get a piece of code to work properly.

My question: If anyone knows of any resources for someone like me (Learning go with no previous programming experience) I would love to hear your suggestions!

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Go!

Most of the docs assume some previous programming experience so something like the tour, while good, might get confusing till you have the basics. That udemy course is a good place to start. You might want to try somewhere like too

Finally I’d pick some small web project you really want to do (a blog, a list of videos or whatever) and use that to push yourself to learn more, it’s good to have a project to keep you going through the hard parts. This site and stack overflow are good places if you get stuck. Good luck.


Welcome to Go and it’s community :smiley:

@DenverDeCoY welcome!


Hi Mike. Your Dad is a very wise man! Seriously Golang is a really good language with a bright future. I don’t know how far you have reached in the Todd McLeod (he’s good isn’t he) course, but a couple of sections I would urge you to practise until you bleed, namely Pointers and Interfaces. Pointers are a fairly advanced topic, especially if you are just starting, but they offer great flexibility, and understanding Interfaces will give you a head start if you want to use the standard Golang Library. If you don’t understand it at first, go on to something easier so you don’t get unduly discouraged, but then go back and study it again, and again… until it becomes second nature. And don’t worry, it will. It’s largely a case of practice and building up mental muscle memory. Good luck with Golang!!

I started Go lang dev around 3 months ago. I fell in love with Go lang and I want to be very good in this. I came from PHP web dev background and have knowledge of AWS, Linux, Nginx, Git and Apache.

I am a full time freelancer and I am working on a Web Project right now for my friend/client. I think I will finish it in next 2 months max.

Please guide what skills other than Go language I should learn so that I can apply for a full time position? I know I should learn Docker.


Thanks so much for the tips! The interfaces and pointers are certainly proving to be more difficult to wrap my head around, but I am starting to get it. I appreciate the advice and I will surely focus on these topics until I am very comfortable with them, thanks!

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